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Remove Hex / Curse / Negative Energy CLEANSING via astral plane

Remove Hex / Curse / Negative Energy CLEANSING via astral plane

$ 79.00

This is an ultimate cleansing of your self, home, and space done by me through the astral plane as well as through magickal ritual.

I will connect with your energies, survey the "surroundings", and work diligently to remove any negativity, curse, hex, or ill wishes that are present or directed towards you. I will also work rituals each night to rid you of these issues. This allows a positive energy flow to begin to infiltrate your life fully in all aspects and areas.

This brings about BIG changes in your life.

This process will take SEVEN NIGHTS and I will be present in your "astral space" several times a day during this time.  Some may find themselves feeling a bit uneasy, anxious, or as though you are being watched but this is a normal reaction to my presence.  

THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS FOR ANY ONE PERSON.  More than that is useless as the energetic flow needs about that amount of time to adjust and perform from the previous cleansing.

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