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A petite one with a powerful magickal punch. This one is less than the size of a quarter but is packed with years of magickal energies and direction. Enchantment: KARMIC KICK START and JUSTICE spelled. Use to bring whatever Karma upon a person that is deserved (bad or good) and brings justice to those that have been wronged. May be used for yourself or for someone else who you feel requires swift action and/or justice in any way. Great for legal issues too!  (rust color stone)



Green flower:

Vintage piece from Elsa collection. MONEY, SUCCESS, LUCK.


Peace Sign bracelet:

Fun, funky bracelet from working collection.

Enchantment: Stress Relief, Calm, Relaxation, and Health.



Elsa collection. Enchantment: Stress Release, Transition Help, and Personal Strength. A great piece for those going through a transitional stage in life. Also brings Personal Strength to you in many different ways from self confidence to emotional control.  (leaf looking with stones pin)


Key to Success

Nature Spirit Awareness Herb Blend

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