Real Magick for the Real World
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Gold, Black Onyx, and Diamond 
Size 8

Multi cast over 50 YEARS

This ring has just about every imaginable magickal ability held within. "Light and Dark" magick as well as an elemental beacon to help to drive your wants, needs, and desires through universal processing as swiftly as possible. This ring is intense in it's magickal energy and abilities. 


Hand made bracelet from the early to mid 80s. Worked for Dark Magick Connection. Ability to send ill wishes, negativity, and harmful intents back to their origin. Ultimate Protection. 35

You can't see it very well in the pics, but these are beautiful pink star earrings. Gorgeous and full of energies from over 30 years of casts for Personal Power and Success. 40

Amazing blue iridescence flower earrings. When you want to be a bit of a wild, yet sophisticated lady she said! These are worked through the last 20+ years for Happiness, Vitality, Libido, and Expression. 40

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