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Ritual Herb Blend for Building Wealth

Ritual Herb Blend for Building Wealth

$ 25.00

This ritual herb blend for building long-term wealth and financial stability. 

For best results, use this blend for extended monthly (or even daily) rituals to continually bring wealth into your life and allow yourself to find a path that leads to financial independence and stability.

This not a "quick-fix" blend, instead it works by slowly building a solid foundation for which will allow you to permanently maintain and continually increase a level of financial abundance. Think of this blend as a savings account. 

This is the blend that I use during rituals created from my family recipe.  It is created and blessed within it's own ritual.  You will only use very small amounts of this powdered blend for your spells.

2 oz. in a glass bottle / jar

(container chosen from available options at the time of order)

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