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Soul Retrieval familiar

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Sometimes we lose a bit of ourselves in the past.  Hurt, anger, distrust, and anxiety can result from past life traumas.  These hurts can transform into this lifetime as anxiety, phobias, depression, repression, insomnia, eating issues, along with a list of other mental, emotional, and even physical ailments.  To bring yourself back to "one piece" those lost pieces must be retrieved.  Those bits of innocence and happiness but be brought back to your current lifetime from the past.  How do you do this?  Well, you can go through many years of costly past life regression sessions to try to figure out exactly what it is that is lost and then proceed to figure out how to retrieve it or you can employ a soul retrieval familiar to do all that for you.

A soul retrieval familiar will scan your lifetimes with the help of your guides and will be able to create a map of your lost pieces.  They will then begin to work to bring those lost pieces back to your current state to be put back into place.  You will know when each "piece" is set back into place as you will feel a euphoria and gratefulness that you know you've been missing.  When the retrieval is complete (usually takes 6 months to a year) you will see wonderful things happen.  Opportunities open up as you are now sending out a signal that you are one, whole, and able to proceed in the direction that your soul was meant to go.  You will feel true completeness, happiness, and physical health.  You will attract your desires and your desires will come easier.  You will be happy with yourself, your life, and your spirit guides will be able to communicate with you much easier to be able to guide you along the rest of your path.  Soul retrieval companions are not done once the pieces are put back into place though.  They then from that point forward maintain your flow of energy as well as make sure that the difficulties and traumas that you face will not be as devastating to your soul again.  You will remain whole, complete, and overall happy.

Your familiar soul retrieval companion will step forward and provide it's name once you have decided to employ it.


This soul retrieval familiar's vessel:

A beautiful stone egg on a wooden base.

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