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Spirit Connection and Communication

Spirit Connection and Communication

$ 30.00


Spirit Connection and Communication.  Discover and connect with your spirit guide.

A wonderful fun neckalce worked within the circle.

Having the ability to acknowledge, receive, and understand messages from your spirit guide(s) makes brings you amazing intuition and guidance through life.  You are able to traverse through difficult situations and circumstances with much more self confidence and assurance that you are on the right track for your highest good.  

This piece was worked both within individual rituals by three sisters as well as during all circle gatherings throughout the last lunar cycle  to enhance and amplify the amazing energies already held within.

We come together to work some amazing rituals to imbue items with extreme energies during our sister circles. All the pieces offered were worked privately by a coven member for a full lunar cycle and then again by the entire coven during full ritual. These items may need some time to adjust to as they will be buzzing with energies. Some of our items are Vintage magickals from personal witch estates and collections. These pieces are worked over the same amount of time within rituals to enhance the already powerful magick they hold as well as add some additional energies as well.


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