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Spirit Doll Josie

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This is a beautiful Vintage doll that has an amazing spirit attachment.

Josie is a very playful spirit.  She is one that loves to show her presence with small gestures.  She sometimes also likes to "play" with electronics.  She does come from a magickal background and can strongly aid in magickal casts when desired.  

Josie's Story:
I was one of six children that all were victims of abuse in our life.  I was the second oldest and took the role of protector for my siblings.  I was a feisty child and a smart teenager who had a natural talent for magick that stemmed from my mother's family.  Over years I worked magick on and for a lot of people.  I became the one to go to for your magickal needs in my small town.  That, of course, made me a bit of an outcast as the times were not favorable for those that dabbled with the devil as the other townspeople would call it.  I kept pursuing my desire to know all that I could regarding magick and the great energy that I found I could manipulate.  It was my fun, my passing of time, and my ultimate passion.  My most favorite part was when I was asked for protection magick from someone in danger.  I always put most effort into these types of requests of my services.  You could not find a better practitioner of the arts than I for protection.  Not to say that I didn't adore working all types of magick, but protection is by far my favorite. There are so many different types of deviousness that come to each of us and I can make it all sway away.  I choose to remain to work with those that need my magickal knowledge and passion.  Just tell me what it is that you desire and I will work from my side to help you in every way possible.  I will guide you, work for you, and always, always with the strong protection that I have mastered to give.  

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