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Tea Light Candle Spells

$ 15.00

Candle spells can be very powerful.

These candles will help you in your personal magickal endeavors.

Each of these tea lights is hand crafted and energized by moonlight ritual when the timing is right. They are embellished with herbs and oils specific to the spell outcome you desire.

 Use alone or to amplify other candle magick workings.

Wonderfully scented and herbally decorated.

Each one is handmade and may vary from picture shown.

This listing is for FOUR CANDLES imbued with energies for one intention. (no mix and match)

Please be sure to choose your spell from the dropdown.

 The tea light candle is great for portability of your spell casting. It can be used daily or as desired. These allow you to release the magick within your own home or space for the best outcome.

I only make a certain number of these monthly as each needs its own time frame to be made. 

 Choose from:

Road Opener:  burned by those who wish to bust through blocked conditions, overcome obstacles, and get off to a strong start in any kind of venture.

Attraction:  burned by those that wish to attract something specific to them.  May be used for all areas of life (love, business, luck, money, etc..) 

Relationships:  burned by those that wish to find for begin a new romantic relationship or by those wishing to enhance a romantic connection they already have.  May be used to repair family and platonic relationships as well.

Protection:  burned by those who wish to be surrounded by protection for self, home, or property.  Works for legal issues as well.


These candles will be enhanced for specific use by you. Simply lighting the candle is a ritual in and of itself or you may choose to include your powerful candle in your own personal rituals as desired.

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