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Change is hard. Change is stressful. Having your roles change in life can put our bodies and minds through some tough times. Whether that change is from marriage, a birth, a death, or even your child getting married which changes your role to him/her. Losing a spouse, friend, or even pet is an immense time of change too. Changing jobs or even taking on new responsibilities at our current job can cause havoc to us. Divorce causes issues on both our minds and bodies as well. All of these things are transformations that we all have to deal with at one time or another. In times of stress and transformation we often times lack the conscious effort to take care of ourselves and our emotional needs. This is where this beautiful magickal comes into play.  This piece offers wonderful magick to help you though change and transformation. It will help to ease stress. To comfort the soul. To offer positive affirmation that you will get through it and overcome the obstacles the change(s) design for you. Offering emotional stability and logical thinking to help you through the turbulent times in life. This piece also offers BEAUTY in the form of physical (better skin, hair, nails) as well as mentally by allowing you to retain your degree of self worth, self love, and to broadcast your inner beauty for all to enjoy.

A pretty and simple design necklace holds these wonderful energies. Need not be worn for magickal benefit.

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