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Vintage Estate Charging Box

$ 40.00

This is an amazing vintage spirit resting and charging box.  This one comes from an estate of recent acquisition.  This charging box served many years for it's previous owner and has amazed us during it's testing phase at how fast recharge can occur without losing any of the potency of the spells.  It is a vintage plastic (lucite I believe).

You will place your magickals and vessels within it to allow your spirits to rest, recharge, and nourish themselves.  Your magickals will charge as their energies are enhanced by the spells set within.  Works great for those that have enchanted vessels for their spirits as it works simultaneously on them.

Items should be left within the box for a minimum of four hours but can be left indefinitely.  You may place multiple in at a time with no reduction to any of the magickal benefits.

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