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Weekly Ritual Cast for your choice of spell by the sisters circle.

Weekly Ritual Cast for your choice of spell by the sisters circle.

$ 40.00
This listing is for one triple cast spell to be cast during full sister circle ritual for you during our weekly gatherings.

You may choose your spell from the list below.

Each spell will cast by us in full ritual form.

Full effort will be placed into each cast. Each spell will be cast independently. We take the proper time to prepare ourselves, our casting grounds, and our rituals for each spell worked.


I will need you to send to me your full name, birth date,  and any other specific information you would like me to know regarding your situation. If any other person is to be included in your cast, I will also need their name and birth date or approx. age if not known.

ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, so please feel free to send as detailed information as you would like. I have seen, heard, and done it all....I will never judge.

I do not need a picture to connect with your energy, but if you would like to, you may send any pictures as attachments in an email.

I will confirm receipt of your spell request and information upon review and send you casting information. 

I will contact you following completion of your spellcast only to confirm your cast.

Once the spell is cast, the energy is released. I will not be able to go back and check on the progress of your spellwork. I can assure you that I have many years of practice behind me and I have full confidence in my magickal abilities. A spell's full cycle can last up to 90 days although effects are usually noticed much faster than this. If after 90 days you feel the desired results have not been achieved, I will gladly recast your spells for you. This is seldom necessary.


More Physical Energy Spell

Very Powerful Money Spell

Find your Soul Mate

Bring Me My Ring Engagement Spell

Happy Home Spellcast. Remove negativity from your home.

Bring Back Lost Love


Remove Blockages

Powerful Love Spell. Make them come to you!

Powerful Break Them Up!

Increase your Intellegence. Memory Increase and ability to understand.

Let me be your obsession

Healing Spell. Rid yourself of pain

Third Eye Increase Psychic Abilities Spell

Grounding Spell for Security, Love, Wealth, and Success

Personal Power Spell. Become all that you desire.

End of Sadness and depression. Feel Happy Again.

AURA CLEANSING to remove negativity and blockages

Charming spell. Allow yourself to become as charming as you choose!

Clear your mind spell. Allows for the ability to make good decisions.

Repel all others from your man or woman! Banish all Affairs.

Be Gone From My Life Banishing Spell

Send your Message to them in Dreams. Invade their dreams!!

Powerful Enchance Sexual Passion Spell

Very Powerful Triple Cast Fertility spell

Pet Behavior Spell. Help them help themselves be a better pet!

Healthy Pregnancy and Birth Spell. Have an easy Labor/Delivery

Powerful Ward Off Evil and Banish Demons

Pet Protection Spell. Keep your best friend safe and healthy!

Car / Vehicle Cleansing and Blessing

Foutain of Youth Beauty Spell

Communication Spell. Open the lines of communication and deepen intimacy

Powerful Success Spell Cast for You.

Powerful Employment, Money, and Advancement Spell

Custom Spell Cast

If there is any spell request that you can not find in this list, please choose the custom spell cast and send your specific needs.

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