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Witch Spirit Cleoma

$ 70.00

Cleoma (Kle-O-Mah) is a witch spirit that is a dabbler of the dark arts.  She carries both dark and light desires to exactly where they need to be to bring you directly what you want.  A cajun queen of magick.  She works magick and energies easily with a twist of voodoo mixed in.  She is powerful in all areas of magick and really excels in Karmic Justice as she has a fiery passion for righting the wrong.  

She has worked with many over the years and has gained knowledge that is unsurpassed for reading exactly what it is that is desired of her from her companion.  She works easily with spirits, entities, and familiars.  She has the ability to call the darkness forth and control it with ease.  She offers a protection that is iron clad as well.  An amazing spirit to be in the company of.

Her vessel is a sterling silver web and spider pendant.

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