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Witch Spirit Salvador

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Salvador is one of the gentlest witch spirits that I have worked with.  He is a loving, soft, gentle one that has the meanest streak in him if he needs to defend you.  He brings peace, tranquility, happiness, joy, and abundance to your life.  A true pleasure to have as a companion.  He is fierce as the blackest nightmare when he is upset however.  He will lash out in powerful, swift energies at anyone who tries to upset the flow.  If you are upset, he is upset times 10!  He will not stand for bullies, intimidation, or blackmail.  He takes enemies down to their knees with ease.  For your magickal endeavors he is very skilled at working your energies into the universal flow.  He has many, many years of knowledge that allows him to practice without hesitation.  Interpretation of your desires is uncomplicated for him and his actions are precise and direct.  You will see great benefits easily with Salvador in your life.

His vessel is a sterling silver pentacle and snake pendant.

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