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Light and Dark magick familiar Wren

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Wren is a familiar that is easy to work with.  He is a light / dark magick familiar that works all areas of magick with ease.  He is very masterful at the dark arts however.  His ability to confuse and control minds is remarkable.  He does like to dabble in sex magick as well and will help you to have the most intense orgasms to bring powerful energy into your desires.  Just call out his name when you're alone or in your mind while with another.  You'll feel his hands along your back and sides during sexual encounters of any kind.  If you want something done, no matter the price, Wren will get it done.  He need NOT have sexual relations if not desired.

His chosen vessel is a very nice ring.  This ring has previously been spelled through ritual.  The  spells set within this ring will provide intense connection & influence over the Elements; Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. They are controlling forces that provide you the ability to utilize the powers of the individual Elements to contribute to the powers of magick, spells, energies, and the connection to spirits. Want to "freeze" someone out of your life?  Call upon the power of water. Want to "heat up" the relationship?  Call upon the power of fire. Want to get someone to see your point of view?  Call upon Air. Want to release stress and anxiety?  Call upon the power of Earth. There are so many different uses and benefits to having elemental control.  This magickal will help to take your personal connection and magickal influence to the next level.

A pretty purple stone ring in a Size 8

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