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Yes or No question Answers

Yes or No question Answers

$ 5.00

A wonderful option that will give you quick answers to your YES or NO questions.  


Yes or No Question Reading

PDF Delivery Via Email

Ask 1-6 Questions


This is for a Yes or No question reading. You choose how many questions you wish to have answered. Your answer(s) will be sent to you in an email. Sometimes there is additional information that comes through while I'm connected for your reading. If this happens, that information will also be provided for you. This is not a one word answer type reading. I will always include feelings, visions, and signs I get when answering your question. 



When purchasing your reading, please send a message with your name, email address and any question you would like to ask in the Notes to Seller box.



Your reading will be delivered within 48 hours of submission of your information. Please provide your email address in the [notes to seller box].  




I offer a warm, honest and direct reading experience. Using the connection to my guides I provide straight forward answers that can help you along your path in life.




This reading may use the Black Cats Tarot deck, Pendulum, and Witch's Runes as an aid to clarification of the information that comes across.

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