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Familiar Vamp Zee Sexual Natured

$ 75.00

This familiar is a sexual natured one.  He is a frisky one indeed

Zee is a sexual vamp familiar that just loves to make you feel beautiful, sexy, and like you are the best seductress in the world. He will make you feel sexy all the time. He loves to watch and help you bring yourself to climax. He interacts with you through dream state easily. You may feel his faint stroking of your hair as you climax whether you are alone or with a partner.  Simply know your intentions and desires and allow them to build and then release those energies and allow Zee to help direct them to where they need to be to bring you all that you desire. 

Zee will also help you to release your inhibitions with your partners as well.  He craves to watch, guide, and coach you during relations.  

His vessel is a Vintage sterling silver and pink tourmaline that holds wonderful energies as well.

Love, relationship, and intimacy spells to help to take your relationships to the next level. Be adored and be able to show openly that you adore them as well. A deeper connection will come with the openness to intimacy grows.

Be close without ever touching, feel loved without ever asking, be happy without ever wanting.

He has chosen a picture that best represents himself to you.

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